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Case Studies

The ads below are examples of how each launch or relaunch project hit the market in the end.
Although the most visible part of a case, mostly along with new or renewed products, they are just one part of the brand mix and the end product of a long process that always started with
Positioning First.
With phenomenal market share and financial results for each, which is why they made it here.
Call us for full details on how.

Cistus Anti Virus

Clear Communication of a True Innovation takes the Market by Storm


A Total Makeover prepares Turkish Jewel for Globalisation


Unearthing its Core Strength hits Competition hard 


Pulling a Brand Back Together - Internationally

7 / 24

Creation of A Brand New Category in Hair Care

Sunsilk / Elidor

A Story of Rebirth

Dove Cream Bar

Re-positioning Competition

Call us for a presentation on these success stories and how we can help you become Magnetic.

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