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Proven Methodologies Tailored to Your Needs
for Sustainable Profitable Growth

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1) Clarify Your Strategic Position

Unique Contribution >

Magnetic Center

A Strong Foundation is Foremost:

Do you Own a Word, Concept or Category?

Look for an Open Hole and then be the First Brand to fill it.

Do you have the Correct Focus?

Craft your War Strategy depending on your Position in the Market.

Do you have the 3 Key Elements to

Bring Your Positioning to Life? 

1) Your Name

Yes this is your most important marketing decision and ideally

comes before all other decisions.

2) Your Verbal Nail

Win the battle for the mind with a slogan that kills:

Words alone are not enough. Your position needs to be converted into a Battlecry. A memorable one.

3) Your Visual Hammer

Creating a slogan is only half the battle. The other half of the battle is creating a visual that will help drive your slogan into prospects’ minds.


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2) Strengthen Your Strategic Position

Focused Functions

Magnetic Field

Does your Positioning guide every element of your Marketing Mix so that all innovation and communication projects

strengthen, not dilute it?

Is every front of your Marketing,

Your Products / Service Mix

Your Pricing

Your Distribution Channels

Your Communication Mix

a reflection of your Positioning?

Do you have the right

Processes (Product Development / Integrated Communications)

Service Provider Partners (R&D / Agencies)

to support you with these elements?

Does your whole team have a grip on best practices regarding the especially critical Brief & Debrief processes to make sure neither you nor your partners waste a single minute?

Magnetic ROI
3) Sustain Your Strategic Position

Consistency Systems >

Magnetic ROI

Optimal Organization

Does your organization reflect your company, category and brand architecture: a pre-requisite for developing the right expertise and gaining competitive advantage?

Planning & Implementation Process

Do you have an ideal planning and implementation process in place to ensure all departments are aligned on long, medium and short-term plans and act accordingly?

Investing to Win

Does your investment strategy sustain your positioning with

the right long-term short-term balance and the right channel mix?

Are you sure you are not spending a cent on stuff that doesn't work?

Businessman clicks a agile word with cir

If your answer is No to any of the above we are here to help. Call us today.

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